Lucy Huang’s Participation in Leadership U

From the Winter Conference of ASHRAE – January 2015
Chapter member Lucy Huang gives her feedback on her experience in Leadership U, a program sponsored by the Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) committees.

How would you describe the Leadership-U program?
The Leadership-U program is created to let young engineers see a big picture of what ASHRAE does, how ASHRAE functions and what ASHRAE’s culture is. It also provides precious leadership skill learning opportunity to the young members. I learned a lot about how to collaborate and how to contribute.

What was the Winter Conference like?
The Winter Conference got the largest Expo floor area in the ASHRAE history. It also has the most registered attendees in all the Winter Conferences. The Chicago local chapter did a fantastic job of organizing the conference. To me, as a Leadership U participant, this conference gave me a full experience of an ASHRAE conference.

What did you learn about ASHRAE that you didn’t know before?
I attended a lot of the meetings related to ASHRAE publication and education, including the Handbooks, Journals, magazines, online courses, technical seminars and books etc. I use a lot of these resources in my work, but I didn’t know they were contributed voluntarily by ASHRAE members who has the recognized industry and academic experience and expertise. I certainly will appreciate more next time I open a manual, book or use a tool provided by ASHRAE. The devotion and contribution shown by the members of each committee are very impressive. Their passion toward the built environment industry, their efforts to enhance the benefit of the members and their contribution of recognized expertise and knowledge are very respectful. It was also very impressive to see that members’ benefits are always the highest care of the Board where the final decisions are made for the Society.

What was your biggest take-away from your experience?
It is hard to point out one biggest take-away because I learnt a lot, made a lot of new connections and found myself a long-term mentor in ASHRAE. If I have to pick out one most valuable thing, I will give it to the passion and devotion I saw from a lot of the members, including my mentor, and how they use that as the base to collaborate with others from all different background.

What would you like to share with YEA members thinking about applying?
Don’t think any more. Apply now! I am sure everyone will get very valuable experience out of this 6-day program. I didn’t get to attend any of the YEA society-level activities before being selected as a participant, although that won’t hurt.

Contributed by Lucy Huang, Edited by Derek Archer