June BOG Meeting

The June Board of Governors Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th, 2016. It will begin at 5:00pm at The lecture will be located in the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Environmental Technology Building (ETB). No security badging is required. Click here for location and parking info. If you want to attend the meeting via conference call, please contact Derek Archer at webmaster2015@midcolumbiaashrae.org at least 2 hours prior to the meeting to get a call-in phone number.

Note that this meeting is 2 weeks earlier than usual in order to ensure that fiscal-year-end financial closeout activities are completed by the end of June.

This will be our final scheduled meeting for the 2015-2016 Society year. Thank you to all of our members and BOG members and others who make our activities possible. We are not planning to have BOG meetings in July or August unless necessary. We will post details here and in our newsletter if a meeting is scheduled.

Click Here For Meeting Agendas and Minutes