Quincy, Washington Server Farm Tour (RSVP REQUIRED)

Members and Friends of Mid-Columbia ASHRAE,
Our region has started to become well known for a booming new industry: data centers. Our climate, low energy costs, and power grid reliability have prompted many companies large and small to build these facilities in various locations around the northwest. We have been able to secure a tour of one of these facilities in Quincy, Washington on Wednesday May 31st, at 2:30pm.

For facility security reasons, we MUST have RSVPs directed to webmaster2015@midcolumbiaashrae.org. Derek Archer (one of our BOG members, newsletter editor, and chapter administrator) will receive these emails. The RSVP must include your full name and driver license number. This will be forwarded to the facility management for access. No exceptions will be allowed.

The exact location of the facility will be sent via email to those who RSVP and are approved by the facility host.

Thank you and we hope to see you there!
Derek Archer, BOG Member, Mid-Columbia ASHRAE